Friday, December 31, 2010

The Challenge

I've decided to be a very stupid person. I received the 2011 Leonard Maltin movie guide as a gift. Jokingly, everyone was telling me that I should watch all of them, and review all of them. All 17,000 of them. Now to give you an idea of what that would be like, averaging each movie to be 2 hours, it will take 3.8813 YEARS to finish. I'm really hoping that I'm overestimating. Also, I have never even heard of the bulk of these movies. Which makes me very worried. So I humbly start my quest, and hopefully I can get through this list before I become worm bait. Also to be noted, I've seen movies such as Ace Ventura several times, however, I have not seen them in over 10 years, so I will be rewatching them to give a fair review. Also, due to the fact that I have a life outside of this, I will be limiting my reviews to 22 words. I see that number everywhere and it has played a huge part of my life, so it seems to make sense.