Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures of Don Juan

I cannot watch the Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, so next is

 Adventures of Don Juan-  1948, directed by Vincent Sherman, starring Errol Flynn

He says- Handsome tongue-in-cheek swashbuckler has Errol stringing along countless maidens and even enticing the Queen (Lindfors); Oscar winner for Best Costumes.  The lady at the end is Flynn's second wife, Nora Eddington.  3 stars

I say-  There's a song in this movie I've heard a million times, and I'm assuming it was written for this movie.  I loved Errol Flynn in this, and I thought the movie was worth a watch once.  A little dated, but still fun.  If this was remade today I could only imagine how much nudity would be in the film.  2 stars.

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