Sunday, August 21, 2011


Junior- 1994, directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Devito, Emma Thompson, and Frank Langella
He says- Pleasant-enough comedy about a straitlaced scientist (Schwarzenegger) who's persuaded by an aggressive colleague (DeVito) to try injecting sperm into his body and becoming pregnant.  Unexpected result: he doesn't want to give up his baby!  This "politically correct farce" boasts enthusiastic performances from its three stars, and precious few laughs after the initial "joke" is presented.  Instead, Arnold becomes a better man by experiencing childbearing like a woman.  Sheesh.  2 and a half stars.

I say-  There were so many questions I had in this movie, such as: why would the baby grow in his abdominal cavity without a womb and: the baby has no umbellical cord so how does the baby eat?  My biggest problem with the movie was that the middle hour really dragged down.  1 star.

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