Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School For Scoundrels

School For Scoundrels- 2006,  Directed by Todd Phillips, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Heder, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Clark Duncan, Luis Guzman, Ben Stiller, David Cross, Horatio Sanz, and Sarah Silverman

He says-  Nerdy guy who lets people step all over him is recruited by a mysterious entrepreneur who runs a class for worms in need of turning.  But our would-be hero isn't prepared for his "teacher" to start playing dirty tricks on him.  Most contemporary comedies are too crude for our taste, but this one is terminally bland and never takes off as it repeatedly promises to do.  Remake of the 1960 British comedy.  Unrated version runs 107 minutes.  2 stars.

I say-  It's movies like this and reviews that Maltin does that makes me wonder his system.  He says it's bland but gives it 2 stars.  And this movie did suck.  Slightly better than the original, but still boring.  Would have been better if they had the original actor signed on, Bill Murray, playing the Billy Bob Thornton character.  1 star.

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