Monday, February 7, 2011

James and the Giant Peach

So here's another out of order one.  I'll watch whatever comes up on Netflix while I'm waiting for whatever the next alphabetical one to show up.

James and the Giant Peach-1996, starring Paul Terry, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard Dreyfuss, and Susan Sarandon

Malty says-  Wondrous adaptation of Roald Dahl's fantasy about a beleagured boy, tended by two harridan aunts, who discovers a magic pathway inside a giant peach.  Together with a grasshopper, a spider, a centipede, a worm, a glowworm, and a ladybug, he sets sail for the city of his dreams--New York.  Starts with live action, then segues to stop motion animation to bring Dahl's typically bizarre but delightful story to life.  Gets better and better as it goes along, with impeccable voice characterizations and charming songs by Randy Newman.  A rare movie that creates a world all its own, and an even rarer children's film that has real wit and imagination.  3 and a half stars.

I say-  I actually really liked this movie.  Thought it was very creative and true to the book.  One thing I learned though was that the actor who plays James got bit by a spider in a scene, and after that refused to act.  What a wimp!  But it really did feel like a Tim Burton movie, mainly because he coproduced.  3 stars.

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