Monday, April 4, 2011

The Crush

The Crush-1993, starring Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone, Amber Benson, and Kurtwood Smith
Maltin says- Ridiculous thriller about a thick-witted, twentysomething journalist (Elwes) who becomes the target of a pretty, obsessive fourteen-year-old Lolita (Silverstone).  A completely unnecessary Fatal Attraction/Hand That Rocks the Cradle/Single White Female clone; for a perceptive, non-exploitive look at the same subject, see the 1981 French film Beau Pere.  One and a half stars.

I say- I agree that this was unnecessary.  The whole thing made me uncomfortable, especially even more knowing that Alicia was 15 at the time of filming.  This is her first movie (according to the title credits "Introducing Alicia Silverstone"), and it's not like her career did much more except for a few films afterwords.  I mean seriously, where is she now?  But this is one of those movies that I've seen a million times in other iterations, and you can pass on it.  One half of a star.

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