Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dolls-1987, starring Carrie Lorraine

Maltin says-  OK horror from the director of Re-Animator has unsuspecting people taking shelter from a storm in mansion owned by elderly couple who make murderous dolls.  Nothing special here.  2 stars.

I say-  Wow, I'm surprised this movie is in this book, considering all of the other movies that are straight to dvd that aren't in this book.  This is an odd movie.  The lead is a kid, who really can't act.  She seriously has made no othr movies since this once.  She did an episode of ALF prior to this.  She's terrible and you want her to die.  That said, this movie is very violent, and it jumps back from a kid's flick to a violent gore movie.  Really confusing on that end.  Overly cheesy, but a great drunk movie.  2 stars.

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