Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the Electric Mist

In the Electric Mist- 2009, starring Tommy Lee Jones, John Goodman, Ned Beatty, Mary Steenburgen, and Peter Sarsgaard

Maltin says- Recovering alcoholic Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux (Jones) is trying to solve a series of gruesome murders when the corpse of a black man killed 40 years ago surfaces in a nearby marsh.  Atmospheric and well cast, this police procedural with mystical undertones is highly watchable, although some of the characters and relationships seem a bit sketchy (and may come to life more fully in James Lee Burke's novel or Tavernier's European cut, whih runs 117m.).  John Sayles has a hilarious cameo as a foulmouthed movie director.  Alec Baldwin played Robicheaux in 1996's Heaven's Prisoners.  2 and a half stars.

I say-  Odds are, you've heard of almost every cast member.  Odds are you've never heard of this movie.  There's a good reason for that!  I had really high hopes for this movie, but it just felt....long and awkward.  Jones is great, the rest of the cast is great, the cinematography is great, but the plot stunk.  Maybe a decent rental if you're a huge John Goodman fan.  1 and a half stars.

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