Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So we're now officially out of Abbott and Costello hell, except for the few movies they did without the "Abbot and Costello" prefix.  So anyway, we continue onward!  Netflix, again does not have some movies, so we have to unfortunately pass on Abby, the Abdication, and Abe Lincoln in Illinois. 

Aberdeen-2000 Norweigan/British, starring Stellan Skarsgard and Lena Heady
He says- Raw, extremely well acted road movies in which two addictive personalities -- a fast and loose living coke head and her alcoholic wreck of a father, from whom she has been long estranged--endure each other's company as she escorts him from Norway to Scotland.  Sometimes tough to watch, as the characters wallow in their dysfunction, but they are vividly etched and their multilayered relationship is wholly believable.  3 stars

I say--Felt incestuous at times, lots of nudity (but not good nudity), and a slow pace makes this movie unbearable.  Pass on it.  1 star.

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