Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Apple

So some movies show up in my Netflix instant queue that aren't in order of the book.  However, because this is such a daunting task, I'm going to break order once in a while so I can speed through this in less than 50 years!

The Apple-1980, starring Catherine Mary Stewart and Allan Love.

Leonard says- Futuristic musical  set in 1994, when a young couple's entry in songwriting contest in sabotaged by devilish Mr. Boogalow.  As bad as it sounds---maybe worse---but now celebrated for it's awfulness.  BOMB

I say--Maltin is wrong.  This movie is awesome!  Really campy and great music as well.  Unintentionally funny, and hysterically serious.  Our first disagreement.  3 stars.

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