Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let the right one in

Another out of order one.

Let The Right One In-2008 (Swedish) starring Lina Leandersson and Per Ragnar.

Maltin says- Unique gothic horror tale set against the snowy backdrop of a suburban town outside of Stolkholm.  There, a lonely 12 year old boy who's bullied at school finds an unlikely soul mate in a strange girl who lives in the apartment next door-- and turns out to be a vampire.  Unusual melding of horror and adolescent angst in an utterly ordinary setting; adapted by John Ajvide Lindvist from his novel.  Artfully staged and photographed in widescreen, this doles out its moments of shock in leisurely fashion--which magnifies their impact when they occur.  3 and a half stars.

I say-  Very sweet scenes between the kids sets this apart from every other vampire movie.  They talk like the Swedish Chef from Muppets.  3 stars.

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