Monday, May 9, 2011

Addicted to Love

Addicted to Love- 1997, starring Matthew Broderick, Meg Ryan, and Kelly Preston
Leonard says-  Jilted lover Broderick settles in an abandoned N.Y.C. building across the street from his ex-girlfriend's apartment so he can watch her and her new lover.  Then he's joined by the lover's ex-g.f., whose agenda is even more extreme; she wants revenge.  Dark, twisted comedy has its moments, and a likable cast, but Ryan's seriously disturbed character makes it hard to "root" for her, and renders the inevitable fadeout scene less than ideal.  Feature directing debut for actor-producer Dunne; his famous father, author Dominick Dunne, plays a restaurant critic.  2 stars.

Grant says-  WHOA.  Seriously, what the fuck????  This whole movie is full of the worst possible characters, and the characters do things that would (if they were real people) send them to jail multiple times.  This is a creepy film, and yes, it is a comedy, but I was finding Broderick to belong more to the Psycho-style of acting than the Inspector Gadget style.  This is an incredibly disturbing film, and I really can't believe Leonard gave this a two, so I'm giving it a half of a star.

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