Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adios Sabata

Netflix does not have The Addiction, The Adding Machine, or Adios Amigo, which brings us to

Adios Sabata-1971 starring Yul Brynner
He says-  Gunslinger gets involved with Mexican revolutionaries, helping himself to a cache of gold along the way.  Ersatz sequel to Sabata (with Brynner instead of Van Cleef) was titled Indio Black until dubbed and retitled for U.S. release.  Genuine sequel, The Return of Sabata, showed up in 1972.  One and a half stars

I say- This is the first time Maltin has reviewed a movie and not explained what he didn't like about it.  This is also my final review for a few weeks, being that I'm getting married.  So we'll be back for more adventures then.  I found the transfer of this film to be unbearable, and I thought the movie was pointless, slow and boring.  Badly dubbed, and seemed worse than an old Godzilla movie but not in a good way.  1/2 star, only for Yul Brynner and his bald head.

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