Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Rising-  2007, Directed by Peter Weber, Starring Gong Li, Dominic West, Gaspard Ulliel
He says-  The Secret Origins of Hannibal Lecter: as a child near the end of WW2 he had to watch while Nazi Collaborators ate his younger sister!  As a young adult (Ulliel), inspired by his Japanese aunt, he hunts down the killers and exacts brutal revenge.  Handsome but ponderous, dull and self-important, though never as gory as might be expected.  Scripted by Thomas Harris from his own novel.  Ulliel never recalls Brian Cox, much less Anthony Hopkins.  1 and a half stars

I say-  This is a bastard Hannibal movie.  The movie sucks, the character has no resemblance (acting or looks wise) to Hannibal Lecter, not gory enough, not intelligent enough, and really, really, really dumb.  It's an insult to the other movies.  At least now I'm done with Hannibal Lecter.  BOMB

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