Saturday, September 3, 2011


Manhunter- 1986, Directed by Michael Mann, starring William L Petersen and Brian Cox
He says-  Forceful contemporary cops-and-robbers melodrama told with Miami Vice stylistics (and hard-pounding music) by that show's creator, writer-director Mann.  Petersen plays a troubled former FBI agent who's called back to service to capture a serial killer, which he does by getting himself to think just like the murderer!  Gripping all the way and surprisingly nonexploitive.  Don't examine story too carefully or the holes start to show through.  Jailed killer Hannibal Lecter figures in the story; later he'd become the subject of his own story, The Silence of the Lambs.  Based on Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon.  Directors cut runs 124m.  Aka Red Dragon, also the name of the 2002 remake.  3 stars

I say-  So 2 of the same movie in the same day.  This one has better writing, but the other has Anthony Hopkins, who is a far superior Hannibal Lecter.  I guess this one is a little better, and I especially enjoyed seeing the boxes of Mr. T cereal.  2 and a half stars

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