Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Friends and Neighbors

Your Friends & Neighbors- 1998, Directed by Neil Labute, starring Jason Patric, Ben Stiller, Aaron Eckhart, and Catherine Keener

He says-  Another somewhat smug "let's rip the lid off the hypocrisy of society" tract from writer-director LaBute about two socially and sexually dysfunctional couples and their friends.  Some pungent, provocative dialogue, but as in LaBute's In the Company of Men, it's not clear what the point of it all is.  Patric (who also produced) has an especially potent role as a self-styled stud.  2 stars

I say-  Snoozefest that's without a point.  Bored.  Good acting.  Bland as heck.  If you like artsy films, this might work for you.  For the average person, no way Jose. BOMB

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