Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Affair

Love Affair- 1994, Directed by Glenn Gordon Caron, Starring Warren Beatty, Annette Benning, Katharine Hepburn, Garry Shandling, Pierce Brosnan, Kate Capshaw, Harold Ramis, Ray Charles, and John Tesh

He says-  Soulless remake of the 1939 weepie (itself remade as An Affair to Remember), with Beatty as an ex-jock-turned-sportscaster and ladies man who chances to meet Benning on an eventful plane ride.  Frustrating film runs hot and cold; high point is the sequence with Hepburn (in her final feature film) as Beatty's feisty aunt.  Intrusive songs on the soundtrack are a debit, Conrad Hall's silky cinematography is a plus, but the biggest letdown is the ending, which stops short of a big, old-fashioned sentimental Hollywood finish--just what the movie really needs.  Beatty produced and cowrote with Robert Towne.  2 and a half stars

I say-  Even though he hated it, I actually liked this version of the movie the most.  I can't believe I've watched the same movie 3 times, but I feel like the most recent one is the most relatable.  Still predictable, and still didn't care for the story, but it was likable.  2 stars

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