Friday, March 11, 2011


Another random one:

Gor: 1988, starring Oliver Reed, Arnold Vosloo, and a little bit of Jack Palance

Leonard Maltin says- Ordinary sword-and-sorcery adventure in which meek American professor is magically whisked off to "counter-Earth" Gor, where he becomes a hero and battles chuckling, tyranical Reed.  Based on the first in "John Norman's" series of Edgar Rice Burroughs-inspired adventure fantasies.  Palance's role is just a cameo setting up the sequel, Outlaw of Gor.  1 and a half stars.

I say- Quite possibly the worst fantasy movie I've ever seen.  And I've seen "The Barbarians," which I'm pretty sure isn't available on dvd yet.  The acting sucks, the "effects" are not effective, and I can't believe this spawned a sequel.  BOMB

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