Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three O'Clock High

Obviously out of order!

Three O'Clock High-1987, starring nobody anybody cares about
He says-High school journalist is assigned to do a welcome-wagon profile on the new psycho in class, finds himself challenged by this behemoth to duke it out in the parking lot after school.  Steven Spielberg protege Joanou is to the camera what James Brown is to shoes, but it's a lot of energy expended over nothing.  Siemaszko is underwhelming in the lead.  1 and a half stars.

I say- Oi.  Once in a while I watch a random movie on Netflix.  This came up and I figured I would watch it and knock it off the list.  The problem with this movie involves me going into spoilers, so here goes:  SPOILER ALERT!  This whole movie makes zero sense.  The movie builds up to a fight at 3, and in the fight, the bully assaults not only the poor sap, but also knocks out the principal and the security guard.  The cops come, and they leave the innocent kid alone who is party to the fight, and the very next day, the bully shows up at school.  So basically, I can assault multiple people, and be allowed to come back unscathed the very next day.  Wonderful lessons learned from this one.  1 star.

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